All types of tires are upcycled

Dæk til olieFirst the tires are shredded into smaller pieces in a shredder, and then the tires will be decomposed et elevated temperatures without oxygen. The process is known as pyrolysis. The advantage is that the valued raw materials will not be destroyed, which they will do by traditional combustion with oxygen.
We have improved and tested the technology since 2010, and in 2014 we opened a prototype plant in Spain. Now, the technology is being further streamlined at the plant in Egebjerg, which will result in raw materials with even higher quality and increased functionality. From Juny 2019 the first production will be operative and able to handle 15.000 tons of tires or 2 million tires every year. From the 15.000 tons, 6300 tons will be converted into petrochemical products, 5700 will be converted into Carbon Black powder, 2250 tons will be converted into steel, and 750 tons will be converted into steel. In 2019 FORCE Technology document, how the technology in the plant is functioning, and the effect on the climate and the environment.

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