Plant in Egebjerg

New life in old buildings.

tire2oil plant An old machine pool in Egebjerg is on its way back on the map with an innovative and sustainable production plant.
Soon production starts at T2O Egebjerg The launching of the plant is scheduled to spring 2019, and the first used tires will be converted into new raw materials in May 2019. Therefore, the work on the plant is in full swing. We are using local suppliers and hiring local employees as far as possible.
The production plant is based on our own new technology The raw materials is produced at a hermetic closed plant, and the products are stored in equivalent closed containers. This means that there is no emission of odorous visible or invisible toxic gases in the local community.
All types of tires are being shredded into smaller pieces in a big shredder before entering the closed process. Even though the shredding is modern and of the highest quality, the shredder makes some noise. To minimize the noise, we have isolated the two machines for noise reduction to be within the authority limits.
The tires, we are working with, are delivered to the plants by trucks. To reduce any nuisance for the neighbors we are making a new access road and more space for storage of tires. We are also building a new shield for storage before they are being converted into new raw materials.
The gasses, which are generated during the pyrolysis process, are transformed into energy, which can be used to keep the plant running or for district heating, thereby making us self-sufficient to some extent.
Our industry is strictly regulated, when it comes to raw materials, the production and the quality of the finished products.
The plant for sale, interests?

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