Collection of tires

Get your used tires to run circular

Indsamling af dækDo you want to dispose your used tires in the most environmentally friendly way?

We convert all types of discarded tires to reusable raw materials, which restart the materials life cycle again. You can dispose all types of rubber and tires, including safety- and long term treated tires.

We receive:

  • All types of tires mopeds and bicycles
  • All types of tires motorbikes
  • All types of passenger car
  • All types of tires tractors and trucks

How to dispose your tires:
We collect the tires at our factory in Egebjerg in Odsherred, Denmark. You can dispose your tires for free or by agreement. Its our aim to set more pick up points. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us because of geographical distances. If you want to dispose tires, you can call us at 45+34121200 or write a messages in the contact form below:

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