Vision and Mission

Vision, mission and values

Olie fra dæk

Our Idea is based on a will to limit the loss of resources, which is an effect of the current management of waste tires, where tires end up at landfills around the world instead of being recycled.


We create a better environment for all of us by upcycling used tires and converting the residual materials into reusable raw materials, which stops the resources from ending up as toxic waste on landfills or smoke


Our aim is to become the preferred partner for the industry and the consumers within recycling and upcycling of tires and rubber (and plastic) for the benefit of the environment. Furthermore, our vision is to develop the local area by creating an entrepreneurial environment and develop the company in interaction and dialogue with the community.     


Our most important aim, which is to be seen in all our actions, is to contribute to a strengthening of the circular economy. We are incorporating sustainability in our production, and we are developing products, which are contributing to a sustainable consumption of natural resources and a strengthening of the sustainability for the industry as a whole.

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