We are creating a better environment for all of us by upcycling scrapped tires

We convert scrapped into new valuable raw materials. Our innovative technology contributes to a circular economy by converting waste into recyclable resources.  

The technology has a great global potential, With an annually amount of 13 million tires ending up at waste dumps every year, the technology has a global potential. In lots of countries it is difficult to find environmental ways to recycle tires. Used tires are ore often combusted or piled up, which results in soil and air pollution. With this new technology, T2O Egebjerg has the opportunity and vision to contribute to defeating this environmental problem

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Circular from the start

Our idea is to contribute to sustainable production and sustainable consumption of natural resources. We are upcycling old tires into steel, coal and petrochemical products, which can be converted into oil and gas.

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Dæk til olie

Tires for upcycling

All types of tires are being upcycled. First the tires are shredded into smaller pieces in a shredder, and then the tires will be decomposed et elevated temperatures without oxygen. The advantage is that the valued raw materials will not be destroyed.

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Environmental improvements

We are contributing to a sustainable consumption of natural resources and the UN sustainable goals 9, 11 and 13, which are focusing on better infrastructure and waste management, sustainable production consumption and handling of climate change.

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